“To acknowledge
society’s behaviour towards children is to reveal the understanding and explanation of cultural reproduction and transformation at the innermost core of human history”
Grete Lillehammer

The Society for the Study of Childhood in the Past is an interdisciplinary society to promote all aspects of the study of childhood in the past. Childhood in the past is a new and growing discipline, incorporating archaeology, anthropology, history, art history, sociology, psychology and many other studies. Our range is global; our chronology runs from the beginning  of human society to last week.

We are an active, inclusive Society. We have a Journal, Childhood in the Past, an annual International Conference, and a Monograph Series. We support research in the discipline, graduate studies and related events with small grants.

Membership of the Society brings with it a copy of the Society’s journal, reduced fees for the annual conference, and an introduction to a world-wide community of researchers in this growing field of study.

 Patron: Sir Keith Thomas FBA

Childhood In The Past: An International Journal A peer-reviewed journal with a wide chronological, geographical and disciplinary remit, CIP includes invited specialist papers, review papers and book reviews as well us current research and groundbreaking new thinking.  


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  1. Maria Liston says:

    My membership payment through PayPal was rejected. How do I join?


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