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Childhood in the Past: an International Journal

CiP is the bi-annual journal produced by the Society. It provides an important forum for the publication of papers that deal with all aspects of children and childhood in the past. The focus of the journal is children, childhood and all aspects of the representation of children in the past, and a great variety of source materials; historical, archaeological, anthropological, literary, etc, are used. The Journal fills an important gap in recognising that the study of childhood in the past is a cross-disciplinary venture, requiring communication of ideas across normal academic and chronological boundaries. Papers from all disciplines relating to the study of childhood in the past – archaeological, anthropological, medical, historical, psychological etc, are included in the Journal.

This is a strong and impressive journal which is very well respected and which publishes articles that are extremely well cited. For all of these reasons it fully merits inclusion in SCOPUS

The Journal is peer reviewed and available to purchase on-line at:

Contribute to the Journal

Offers of papers are welcomed by the Journal, on the understanding that the work has not been published previously. All manuscripts offered for inclusion in future volumes should be sent to the Editor, Eileen Murphy, for consideration: All papers are subject to peer review.

Please go to Notes for authors for downloadable information on the Journal’s house style.

Book Review Editor, Dr Simon Mays, may consider titles to be reviewed, please email:

The Book Review Editor of Childhood in the Past: an International Journal

Dr. Simon Mays

Historic England
Fort Cumberland
PO4 9LD United Kingdom

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