Monograph Series

The Monograph Series is published by Oxbow Books. The Series exists to promote single-authored or edited volumes in any discipline related to childhood in the past. Authors or volume editors should normally be members of the Society, but it is not necessary for all contributors to an edited volume to be Members.

Proposals for Monographs should be submitted to Sally Crawford, including a brief statement of the subject and content of the proposed volume, its chapter headings, its intended readership and how it will add to existing works on the subject of childhood in the past.


Childhood and Violence in the Western Tradition

Brockliss, L. and Montgomery, H. (eds) 2010.


The Dark Side of Childhood in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages Mustakallio, K. and Laes, C. (eds) 2011. 





Medieval Childhood: Archaeological Approaches

Hadley, D.M. and Hemer, K.A. (eds) 2014




Children, Spaces and Identity

Margarita Sánchez Romero, Eva Alarcón García, and Gonzalo Aranda Jiménez




Children, Death and Burial: Archaeological Discourses

Murphy, E. and Le Roy, M. (eds) 2017




Other SSCIP Publications
Lillehammer, G. (ed.) 2010. Socialisation: Recent Research on childhood and Children in the Past. Published by the Museum of Archaeology, University of Stavanger, and the Society for the Study of Childhood in the Past: Stavanger
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