Treasurer’s Report 2017

Rebecca Gowland

In this report, I’ll first outline the figures presented at the SSCIP AGM in September 2016, followed by a breakdown of activity from September 2016 to January 2017, including the current status of the bank accounts.


September 2016 (AGM Report)


SSCIP Accounts

  • Business Account: £7064.91
  • Community Account: £1,186.64
  • Paypal: £583.59
  • Total Accounts: £8835.15 (An increase of £238.74 from September 2015)
Expenditure from Sep 2015-Sep 2016  
Sponsorship: ‘Little Lives’ conference, Durham, Jan 2016 £200
Sponsorship: Student prize at the SMA colloquium, Sheffield,

Nov 2015

Travel to meetings: Becky Gowland £107.35
                                      Eileen Murphy £104.53
Website: Tony Randall £277.78
Maney Journal £973.50
SSCIP conference (deposit) £500
Total Expenditure £2213.16





Income Sep 2015-Sep 2016  
Depaul Conference £536.47
Membership Fees + interest £2065.47
Total Income £2451.90



Income and Expenditure from September 2016 to Jan 2017


SSCIP Accounts Jan 2017

  • Business Account: £7065.95
  • Community Account: £2,173.97
  • Paypal: £84.17
  • Total Accounts: £9324.09 (An increase of £488.94 from September 2016)
Expenditure from Sep 2016-Jan 2017
Manilla Sponsorship £175.0 (£150 + £25 for transfer)
Robson’s of Durham (conference fudge) £44
Durham University (conference) £328.03
Durham University (conference) £1698.50
Taylor and Francis £940.50
Total Expenditure £3186.03





Income Sep 2016-Jan 2017
Conference Fees £2513.36
Membership fees + interest £1161.61
Total £3674.97



  • Overall the accounts remain healthy.
  • Recommendations:
  • SSCIP should continue to sponsor student prizes/conferences and should consider also offering small grants for research projects.
  • The Standing Order Forms should be implemented by my successor to reduce membership attrition. The forms have been produced and they simply need to be distributed to members with the journal. And Finally….
  • After 10 years, this will be my last meeting as Treasurer of SSCIP. Unfortunately, my administrative roles at Durham are growing (Deputy Head of Department, Athena Swan lead, Co-Director of MSc and soon to be Deputy Editor of Antiquity) and these prevent me from committing the time necessary to fulfil the role to the best of my ability.
  • I hope to continue my involvement with the Society via the Editorial Board of the journal.
  • I would like to propose that Ellen Kendall succeed me as Treasurer. She has excellent organisational skills and is extremely competent and conscientious. It would also facilitate the transition and change in signatory for my successor to be at Durham.
  • Thank you to Sally and all of the other Committee members for your collegiality and company over the last decade.