Small grant applicaton – J.E. Baxter

This application seeks funding in the sum of £200 to help defray the costs of copyediting the forthcoming volume in the SSCIP Monograph Series entitled, Nineteenth Century Childhoods in Interdisciplinary and International Perspectives edited by Jane Eva Baxter and Meredith Ellis. This volume is comprised of 15 papers by authors from a variety of disciplines including history, art history, theater history, educational history, bioarchaeology, Historical (Post-Medieval) Archaeology, literary studies/English, and material culture studies. The authors hail from a variety of countries including The United States, The UK, Ireland, Canada, Russia, Israel, and India, and the geographic breadth of scholarship covers these countries as well as The Bahamas, Australia, and Romania. This is truly an interdisciplinary and international volume of work.

Oxbow Press, the publisher of the SSCIP Monograph Series, offers no copyediting services for the production of these volumes, and it is the responsibility of the authors and editors to arrange for copyediting and insure the editorial quality of the work. It is our goal to produce a high-quality edited volume that represents the SSCIP in the most positive way to the scholarly community at large. The scholarship in this volume is excellent, and we would like the production quality of the volume to match the intellectual efforts of our authors. To do so, we are pursuing a variety of strategies that will allow for the copyediting of the volume beyond our own efforts. The funds sought from SSCIP would be used to copyedit the submissions from authors whose first language is not English, and/or who are from countries where finding someone locally to copyedit work for a volume in UK English would prove a particular difficulty. These criteria apply to three papers in the volume. The actual costs of this effort will likely exceed the amount offered by the SSCIP Small Grants Program, and we would welcome any increase in funds the committee felt was appropriate to help us produce a high-quality volume on behalf of the Society.

Currently, the papers in the volume are under peer review. Each paper is being reviewed by one reviewer internal to the volume and another anonymous, external peer reviewer. These reviews are due back to the volume editors by February 15. Over half the reviews have already been received. Once the reviews are distributed to the authors, they will have until May 1 to address the comments and produce revised manuscripts. Given this timeline, the need for copyediting funds would be in May-June so we can deliver the manuscript to Oxbow by June 15. We are very pleased that our volume has remained on our original time line and should be published in February of 2018 (per Julie Gardiner of Oxbow Press). We thank the Committee for any support they can lend to our editorial efforts.