Conference 2017

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Ximena Chávez ‎[]‎

Hugo Pérez Trejo ‎[]

Proposed Venue:

Museo del Templo Mayor, Mexico City


Vida y muerte de los niños en el pasado: celebraciones y tratamientos mortuorios (Life and Death of Children in the Past: Celebrations and Mortuary Rituals)

Dates: 6th – 8th November 2017

Issues for the Society to discuss at the meeting:

The conference is proposed as an accessible, affordable event, with conference costs kept to a minimum. The venue will be provided free of charge provided that attendees are not charged for participation. Food and accommodation will therefore not be provided as part of the conference package, though there will be guidance for delegates about where to find both, and a pre-bookable conference dinner will be arranged for the 8th. It is proposed that SSCIP sponsor the costs of mid-session refreshments (ie tea and biscuits).

Language – the conference languages will be English and Spanish. Every effort will be made to facilitate communication. Any volunteers to help with translation during papers and questions would be welcome.

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