‘Children in the Viking Age’ teaching guide for 5-8 year olds

This ‘Teaching Guide’ describes the materials and approaches associated with the ‘Children in the Viking Age’ teaching pack developed by Dr Kirsty Squires, Society for the Study of Childhood in the Past (Kirsty.Squires@staffs.ac.uk) and Dr Ben Raffield, Viking Phenomenon Project, Department of Archaeology, Uppsala University (ben.raffield@arkeologi.uu.se). Illustrations in this teaching pack were produced by Eduardo Hernandez.

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This teaching pack has been designed for students aged between 5-8 years of age. The guide is intended to be read as an aid for teaching the pack. The total preparation period (including the reading of this guide and familiarising yourself with the content of this session) is not expected to exceed 175 minutes (including 30 minutes preparation), though you may wish to teach the pack based on themes covered in this pack over several sessions.

Aside from the specific aims mentioned in the teaching slides (see below), there are larger, guiding aims for the teaching pack:

  • Introduce students to the Viking period, travel and trade;
  • Examine the clothes and accessories children wore during the Viking Age and how social position influenced the activities children participated in;

Explore the daily lives of children, including work, play and family life.

SSCIP Viking Childhood teaching pack

Children in the Viking Age PowerPoint

Activity 1: On the move: Viking travel
Activity 2: The Trading Post

The Trading Post Activity Worksheet

Activity 3: Dressing up!

Dressing up Activity Worksheet

Activity 4: Off to work!

Off to work activity worksheet

Activity 5: Write your name in runes

Write your name in runes Activity Worksheet

Activity 6: Play time!

Play Time Activity Worksheet

Activity 7: A day in the life of a Viking child storyboard

A day in the life of a child resource sheet

Activity 8: Follow up activity: show and tell

Follow up activity worksheet