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Egyptian ‘hawk’ mummy is a human foetus with a fatal birth defect

Recently researchers have made an unexpected discovery of a mummified foetus while CT scanning a 2300-year-old mummy known as Ta-Kush currently held at the Maidstone Museum in Kent. This coffin was labelled, “A mummified hawk with linen and cartonnage, Ptolemaic … Continue reading

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‘I Bambini Nel Tempo’: a new exhibition on childhood in the past

If you are in Milan over the next few months, you might like to have a look at a new exhibition, curated by Cristina Cattaneo and Claudia Lambrugo, at the Antiquarium ‘Alda Levi’ in Milan. Exploring the archaeology and anthropology … Continue reading

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Research Fellowship Opportunity

Below is a message from Sanna Lipkin on a research project being advertised on the topic of childhood in the past: “Interested in childhood in the past and Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship at the University of Oulu? Archaeology Research Unit … Continue reading

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Baby farming in New Zealand

One of the most high profile cases of infanticide was committed by Minnie Dean in the late 19th century, also gaining infamy as the only woman in New Zealand to receive the death penalty for her crimes. During my childhood … Continue reading

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New special issue of Childhood in the Past out now

The spring issue of Volume 11 of Childhood in the Past, the journal of the Society for the Study of Childhood in the Past, has just been published. This special issue is guest edited by John D. Burton and Jane Eva … Continue reading

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New Book: Infancy and Earliest Childhood in the Roman World: ‘A Fragment of Time’

Maureen Carroll’s new book is out tomorrow on infancy in the Roman world  (see this on Google Books and the Oxford University Press website). Offers the first comprehensive study of infancy and earliest childhood in the Roman world, from conception … Continue reading

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Stunted near the start of life: Evidence for severe deprivation from London’s poorest 19th century parish — The Bioarchaeology of Childhood | Sian Halcrow

New research has uncovered the extent of the impact of ill health on the urban underprivileged during the Victorian era with finds of severe growth retardation of infant and child bones. The authors show that the social deprivation at Bethnal … Continue reading

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