Call for Proposals: New Book Series

SSCIP member Professor David Lancy invites proposals for a new book series,

Palgrave Studies in the Anthropology of Children and Youth

The goal of this series is to advance a robust new  sub-field in anthropology that treats childhood and adolescence as distinct and worthy of scholarship. The series aims to break down historic barriers that have prevented collaboration among cultural/social anthropologists, ethnologists, archaeologists, linguists, primatologists, biological anthropologists and developmental psychologists.

For more information or to submit a book proposal please contact:

Alexis Nelson
Commissioning Editor

David F. Lancy
Series Editor

Stop by the Palgrave Booth in the Exhibit Hall at AAA

Editorial Board
Carolina Remorini, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina.
John Bock, California State University, Fullerton.
Jane Baxter, DePaul University.
Akira Takada, Kyoto University.
Sandra Evers, Free University of Amsterdam.
Tom Weisner, UCLA.
Jill Korbin, Case Western University.
Pat Draper, University of Nebraska.

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